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Benefits: Allergy Symptoms

Salt Therapy may show benefits  for those with allergy symptoms

Airborne Allergy Symptoms • Sinusitis • Rhinitis

Ear Infection • Sinus Infection • Nasal Congestion

The Southern Tier of New York has long been known as “Sinus Valley,” due to the prevalence of seasonal allergy sufferers in the area.  Allergies, which cause itchy eyes, sore throats, nasal congestion and other symptoms may also contribute to the onset of chronic ear, nose, throat and sinus problems, such as sinusitis and rhinitis.

The salt therapy room is hypo-allergenic, or allergen free.  This provides an immediate relief to those suffering from airborne allergies, and sets the stage for the therapeutic action of the salt particles.  Just as saline nasal sprays clear the sinuses of mucus and reduce inflammation, salt therapy relieves allergy symptoms and helps prevent symptoms from reoccurring. 

Chronic sinus and ear conditions such as rhinitis, sinusitis and sinus and ear infections can benefit from salt therapy as well.  Research supports beneficial effects of salt therapy on sinusitis and rhinitis. Salt therapy helps break down mucus, reduces inflammation and removes allergens and other foreign particles from the airways. To learn more about the therapeutic effects of salt aerosol on allergy symptoms, see How It Works.

Suggested treatment schedule for allergy symptoms and ear, nose, throat and sinus conditions: 3 – 8 sessions, with continued visits as necessary.  As a general rule it is best that visits are no more than two days apart. 

Salt therapy provides the best results when routinely administered.  Allergy sufferers are encouraged to sign up for an unlimited package so that they may visit the facility on a regular basis and experience the full benefits of salt therapy. Visit our pricing page for package options. Contact us for more information.