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Facility: Salt Room

Enjoy the benefits of salt therapy in our hyper-modern salt room, featuring an interior appealing to both children and adults.  Kids will enjoy playing with “saltbox toys” in a bed of salt and drawing on the marker board wall, while parents will appreciate the soothing illuminations of the room, including a coffered ceiling and decorative Himalayan salt finished walls.

The atmosphere of the salt room is the same as that of the salt cave, allergen and pathogen free with a unique microclimate of humidity, temperature and salt aerosol concentration optimal for healing.  Also similar to the salt cave, the ventilation system, in floor radiant heat, lighting, sound system, and salt application were implemented based on the most innovatively designed and functioning halochambers of Europe. We researched and sought out the most reliable, state of the art halogenerator equipment to provide reliable and consistent salt aerosolization to our facility. Our experience and resources in salt therapy spa development may serve beneficial to spas or enterprises wishing to expand into salt therapy.  Visit our consulting page for more information.


The Salt Sanctuary - Johnson City, NY           The Salt Sanctuary - Johnson City, NY


Salt therapy has shown to help children with respiratory illnesses reduce their dependency on medications.  See research conducted on pediatrics with asthma.  Children under the age of nine must be accompanied by an adult. Please see pricing for more information on children’s packages.

The salt room hosts 50-minute salt therapy sessions. Experience the salt room for yourself.  Contact us for more information.