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Salt Therapy: Our Salt

Salt has long been associated with high blood pressure, and has a bad reputation with regard to health.  Salt therapy gives us a reason to love salt, as it helps us heal and prevent sickness in a completely natural way.  While the amount of salt taken in during a salt therapy session is very minimal, the amount of salt exposure by the skin and airway membranes during that time is about equivalent to what you would experience spending three weeks at sea.  In any case, the body needs salt to function, plain and simple.

Consider the following facts about salt:

  • Salt out of the earth (unrefined) is enriched with up to 84 different minerals essential to the human body. Salt found in supermarkets is stripped of these elements
  • Salt is necessary for a healthy immune system and protects the body against infections – this is why your tears and sweat are composed primarily of salt
  • Muscles need salt to function properly
  • Salt is an anti-stress element for the body and helps with depression
  • Salt absorbs food in the intestinal tract – this boosts your metabolism in breaking down food particles
  • Salt stabilizes heartbeats and helps keep a consistent blood pressure
  • Salt rejuvenates skin and prevents irritation

Visit our store to find a variety of salt products, including edible Himalayan salt, a healthy alternative to table salt.

Also, keep an eye out for seminars at our salt cave where you can learn more about the healing qualities of salt, as well as spa and wellness trends.